Alfresco Email Importer

Advanced email solution for Alfresco.


This extension add an advanced email (importer and sender) manager into your Alfresco 5+ installation. This extension includes the “Alfresco Email Viewer” module.

Alfresco Email Importer extension allow users to add a page (one per site) with which user can administer all the emails accounts.
Every “Emails Accounts Managements” page manages multiple emails accounts and it is possible to add multiple page (one per site).
This make possible to manage (importing and sending) a group of emails accounts per site.
In other terms, every site will have own emails accounts for import and send emails.

Main features:

  • Multiple emails providers management.

  • Import emails directly into alfresco by IMAP/s or POP3/s protocols

  • Send emails with your emails providers by SMTP/s protocol. Send new email, reply and/or forward.

  • Smart emails and attachments dispatching routing system

    • Extract, assign an alfresco model type and move automatically all emails and attachments into a folder if subject, addresses or email body satisfies some search criteria (contains, starts with, ends with, is equals to)

  • Alfresco 5.x compliant

  • English, French and italian language


“Alfresco Email Importer” extension includes the “Alfresco Email Viewer” extension with the following features:

  • View Microsoft Outlook msg and eml files(html or text) directly in Alfresco Share viewer
  • MSG/EML images rendering
  • Attachments download
  • Attachments extraction and copy directly in alfresco repository
  • MSG/EML metadata visualization
  • Integreted with documentlibrary Filmstrip view
  • New dedicated documentlibrary “email” table view. This view displays all  the necessary email metadata and allows users to download the attachments directly from this documentlibrary view
  • MSG/EML metadata automatic extraction
  • Search by MSG/EML metadata

License type: Proprietary

Installation method:  AMP

Price: 99 eur


Email Importer module screenshots